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Such an incredible review from Toddlers Who Read! We’ve always loved their content, so being featured is AMAZING!

As working moms, we are often juggling multiple competing obligations—family, work, and yourself. We try to keep all of these obligations relativity balanced based on priorities. But sometimes, one thing may rise to the top, temporarily. Your work may cause you to miss something you would have normally done with your child. How do you explain that to your child? As I sit here in this hotel room in a different city, how do I make my child understand that he’s still the center of my whole world, even though I’ve taken a few days to meet a professional obligation to further my career goals? How do you explain having to miss bedtime because you had to stay late at the office? How do you explain having rush to daycare/school every morning when they want to chill in their PJs? Rant aside, every working mom needs to add this heartfelt book to their kid’s home library. Written by a fellow working mom, the emotions really come through and hit hard. The story is about a day in the life of a dentist mom and her son. She has to peel him out of bed and take him to school. But she reassures him that even while she’s at work, she’s thinking about him. Pictured is an office filled with pictures of her family. The mom tells her son how much she looks forward to hearing about all his adventures at school at the end of the day, and her time snuggling with him reading a book. Because ... he’s her SHINING STAR!!! ⭐️ No, you’re crying.

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