Kickstarter Launched

Elephant and Owl Press is excited to launch a Kickstarter campaign to facilitate the printing of its first book! “My Shining Star” is a book for working moms to read to their children. It a story of love, family, and empowerment. It walks through the day in a family with a working mom, from waking up and getting ready to going to work/school to coming home and then heading to bed. This book aims to help working moms talk to their kids about how their passion for the careers does not in any way diminish their love for their families. Please check out the campaign if it seems like it might be something that’s interesting to you!

The video for our Kickstarter campaign

We are so excited to begin this journey and hope we’ll be able to share this book with you soon!

Site development will continue as the campaign goes on, so keep an eye out for changes here.